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Thank you note / list z podziękowaniem – przykłady

Thank you note, czyli list z podziękowaniem za spotkanie pełni ważną funkcję w procesie poszukiwania/zmiany pracy. Przeczytaj o celach listu we wcześniejszym wpisie.

Poniżej przedstawiam przykładowy list z podziękowaniem (thak you note), który wysyłamy osobie, z którą odbyliśmy spotkanie. Oczywiście nie musimy wysyłać kopii papierowej i możemy wysłać list w wersji elektronicznej.

List z podziękowaniem / Thank you note – Przykład 1


Treść listu

Dear Mr. Hillman!

Thank you for spending such quality time with me yesterday. I especially enjoyed hearing about your business goals for the next three years, and found myself sharing your vision of 30 new branches in Poland by 2015.

One point I forgot to mention when we spoke: I worked closely with my current supervisor to develop the training program now used in all new XXX offices nationwide.

I appreciate you giving me your direct phone number. I will call you in two weeks, as you suggested, once your applicant review is completed.

Again, thank you!

Very truly yours,

Xxxx xxxxx



List z podziękowaniem / Thank you note – przykład 2

Treść listu

Dear Mr. Hillman!

Our meeting last Monday left me feeling enthusiastic about the possibility of working for you as a customer service representantive. Thank you for so carefully explaining the position’s requirements.

I believe I could have been a little less modest and told you a very important reason for my success in customer service: I am an attentive listener. I have always found my patience to be a valuable asset, especially when dealing with customers who have a complaint.

At my last company, I achieved an exceptionally high rate of customer satisfaction, simply because I allowed clients to vent; then I was able to offer them a satisfying solution to their problems.

I would very much like to use this talent to help cut the losses you mentioned at your company.

I will call your office in a few days for news of your selection. Thanks again!



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