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Sales Director – przykładowe dokonania po angielsku

Zaczynam publikować serię artykułów z przykładowymi dokonaniami. Poniżej przykład dla pozycji Sales Director. Zainteresowanych i chętnych użytkowników strony proszę o podesłanie mi tłumacznia na język polski.
Zwróć uwagę, drogi czytelniku (czytelniczko), że poniższe dokonania są sformułowane w formie PAR-ów, o czym pisałem we wcześniejszych artykułach.

  • Reorganised Sales Division to focus on customer needs, leading to clear priorities for Direct and Indirect routes to market and delivering contract growth of 23% in 2005.
  • Introduced leading and lagging business performance measures to understand current and predict future performance. The result: growth of turnaround of 4% in 2005.
  • Communicated and monitored the key priorities to energise and motivate the sales division reducing the cost of sale by 12%.
  • Secured an additional $0.5M investment to set up a dedicated team to drive growth through the Foodservice channel resulting in 100% growth in 2005.
  • Led the negotiations for a sole supply agreement, which promoted company’s products within their product portfolio, returning the account to 50% growth.
  • Re-designed the roles and responsibilities and remuneration package in the direct route to market to prioritise new business. This increased new business productivity by 15%.
  • Created a sales management team, which co-operated, shared and participated in setting the agenda for the Sales Division, leading to increased efficiency and effectiveness.
  • By focussing on consumer, customer, indirect partner and employee satisfaction, sales grew from $6 million to $30 million and over 100 million beverages per annum.
  • Negotiated the commercial and legal agreement for Company to be the national partner for the office coffee service category which doubled the rate of new business acquisition.
  • Through sensitive negotiations led the change to a limited, authorised distributor network without the loss of one existing partner, therefore maximising the growth levers of increased sales power and greater market presence.
  • Integrated sales management roles into distributors’ business to ensure profitability and to maximise growth, which led to 50%, increase in sales effectiveness.
  • Reduced distributor rollout by six months by recruiting15 people and mentoring internal employees into senior management roles balancing speed and quality to maximise sales.
  • Initiated Distributor Council to represent the marketplace and be the voice of the network of partners resulting in clear product development priorities and enhanced partnerships.
  • By delivering win/win partnerships focussed on the customer, Company was awarded a prestigious supplier of the year award.
    Through leadership and teamwork designed and implemented a new product launch in under three months to maximise first year sales.
    Designed exit strategy and implemented for France, which recovered over $350,000 of aged debt.
  • Negotiated $100,000 out of court settlement in France, which removed risk of $250,000, protected company’s reputation and repaired customer relationship.
  • Facilitated the sale of Norwegian distributorship to the preferred acquirer leading to a stable business transition with no adverse effect on revenues or profit.

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